Thematic-Bibliographical Catalogue of Works

編集者: Kurt Dorfmüller, Norbert Gertsch, Julia Ronge
Cooperator: Gertraut Haberkamp, Beethoven-Haus, Bonn

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revised and substantially expanded new edition of the catalogue of works by Georg Kinsky und Hans Halm
2 volumes, ribbon page marker
Date of publication 01.11.2014
Price from 01.01.2015: € 495,–

ページ: 1800, © 2014
注文番号 HN 2207 · 国際標準図書番号 978-3-87328-153-0 · ISMN M-2018-2207-5

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In 1955 G. Henle Publishers released a catalogue of all of Ludwig van Beethoven’s completed works prepared by Georg Kinsky and Hans Halm - a milestone in Beethoven literature. Since then, there have been a great number of developments in many areas of Beethoven research.

The new complete edition of the works has impressively progressed, and Beethoven’s entire correspondence and conversation books have been issued in outstanding editions. A number of pioneering works on Beethoven’s creative process have also changed our view of the composer. This was reason enough to incorporate the current state of research into a new standard work suited for a broad readership!

This new Beethoven Catalogue of Works, which has grown to nearly 1800 pages, facilitates the access to individual works through its clear structure: the information on the historical aspects of every work - genesis, edition, first performances, dedicatees, etc. - is followed by the description of the manuscripts and prints in a second section. And now, for the first time, not only the autographs but also the drafts and sketches to the work are comprehensively identified. The prints also comprise reprints and arrangements from Beethoven’s time, and list the locations where they were found.

The new Beethoven reference work is on its way!

- Works with opus number
- Works without opus number
- 23 new works without opus number
- 23 unfinished works
- Opera and oratorio plans
- Composition studies
- Beethoven’s copies of works by other composers
- Beethoven’s copies of theoretical literature
- Spurious and dubious works
- Appendix on publishers, history of publishing and collective editions Indices and overviews:
• Systematic overview of works
• Chronology of the works according to genesis and first edition
• List of the original publishers, dedicatees and lyricists as well as title and text incipits of vocal works

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Ludwig van Beethoven Thematic-Bibliographical Catalogue of Works