The composer and violin virtuoso Johann Stamitz not only established the world-famous Mannheim school in the 18th century but is known among clarinettists above all for presumably being the first to present them with a true solo concerto. Even though Stamitz left it at just this one concerto, it has enjoyed great popularity since its rediscovery in the 20th century and has become a standard work in the concert repertoire. Due to its moderate technical demands, it is ideally suited for music students and as preparation for the more demanding solo parts of Mozart, Weber and Spohr. The newly prepared piano reduction was undertaken with a view to make it easy to play so that also less experienced piano players can undertake the accompaniment of the soloist; a renowned clarinettist, editor Nicolai Pfeffer also contributes suggestions for the cadenzas – the result is an ideal Urtext edition for student recitals and music schools.