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Hans-Werner Küthen

Dr. Hans-Werner Küthen, born in 1938 in Cologne, studied in Bonn and Bologna and did his doctorate in 1985 at Bonn University. From 1968–2003 he worked as a research associate at the Beethoven-Archiv in Bonn. His most important publications include: Beethoven: Critical Edition of the volume “Ouverturen und Wellingtons Sieg”, as well as all of the Piano Concertos (3 volumes) in the New Complete Edition of Beethoven’s Works. He has written numerous essays and articles on Beethoven and his contemporaries, and since 1969 has given lectures both in Germany and abroad.

Rediscovered the “Kammerfassung des Vierten Klavierkonzerts” for Pianoforte and String Quintet (1807). Co-editor (with Oldrich Pulkert) of the compendium “Ludwig van Beethoven im Herzen Europas. Leben und Nachleben in den böhmischen Ländern”, Prague 2000. Editor of the symposium report “Beethoven und die Rezeption der Alten Musik. Die hohe Schule der Überlieferung”, Bonn 2002. Lexical entries on Beethoven and Lodovico Viadana. “Quaerendo invenietis. Die Exegese eines Beethoven-Briefes an Haslinger vom 5. September 1823”, in: Musik – Edition – Interpretation. Gedenkschrift Günter Henle, ed. by Martin Bente, Munich 1980.