Like Elgar’s Salut d’amour, the two “chansons” are amongst his most popular melodies. The dreamy Chanson de nuit and its cheerful counterpart Chanson de matin are often performed together. With this in mind, it is almost surprising that Elgar had in fact completed the Chanson de nuit in October 1897 as a separate piece and shortly afterwards offered it to his publisher Novello. He only submitted the Chanson de matin eighteen months later, telling Novello on this occasion: “I see from my sketch (which I found last week & have since completed) that this piece was intended to be a companion to the one you have already.” Two evergreens of the violin repertoire, with moderate technical demands, prepared using the first editions, and with fingering by the British violinist and Elgar scholar Rupert Marshall-Luck.

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