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Music column

Schumann Forum 2010


by Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

15. January

Dear Reader,

We are ready to start: The Schumann-Forum at G. Henle Verlag has its premiere. What awaits you?

on Schumann that I specially led with exceptional artists and musicians for the Schumann Forum 2010. These will be posted and more are to follow in the course of the year, in the original language (German or English). Look forward to Christian Gerhaher, David Geringas, András Schiff, Mitsuko Uchida, Edith Wiens – and others with whom we want to surprise you.

The musicians sponsored autographed CDs of their Schumann recordings.
With some luck you might win one, and be moved to sing:

I cannot grasp it or believe it, (Ich kann's nicht fassen, nicht glauben,)
I am under a dream’s enchantment; (Es hat ein Traum mich berückt;)
How could Henle, among all the others (Hat Henle doch unter allen,)
Exalt and make happy poor me? (Mich Arme/n erhöht und beglückt?)

Audio and text interviews with leading musicologists and editors of our music books.
Each month focuses on a specific Schumann topic. Our experts introduce Schumann Urtext editions recently published by G. Henle Publishers.

Links to the World Wide Web,
specially selected for you with an eye to rarity and detail. You will find a first example at the bottom of this page.

Have I awakened your interest? From now on I will be presenting new “Schumannalia” from Henle every two weeks. On February 1 and 15 Schumann’s Piano Concerto will be the centre of attention. In March we’ll continue with Schumann and Chopin. I am greatly looking forward to your visit.

If you would like to correspond with me, I can only encourage you to do so – in German or English – to

Very truly yours
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert
Managing Director


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