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Best Brahms – best Urtext

Henle’s new editions of Brahms even surpass the previous editions of Brahms – that I know so well – issued by this wonderful Urtext publishing house. Congratulations!

Gerhard Oppitz, Pianist



... in the case of the symphonic cycle edited by Pascall  it is, however, hard to imagine that anything as worthy will soon stand next to it, particularly as it is not to be expected that new sources will surface to any great extent. Thus scholars and practical musicians will be able to enjoy and work with this achievement for a long time to come.

Die Tonkunst, 2013


The new editions of Brahms from the Urtext publishers Henle are unsurpassed and a unique source of musical inspiration for us musicians.

Andreas Boyde, Pianist




Everything is amazingly clear, noble, trustworthy – precious.

Die Musikforschung, 2008


Henle Publishers’ new edition of this standard work in the violin repertoire is a perfect example of an edition with the highest standards of quality. Once again the renowned publishing house has lived up to its excellent reputation for reliability and practical relevance.

Das Liebhaberorchester, 2012