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Henle Piano Competition 2016: The winners

190 young pianists from eleven countries took part in the Henle Piano Competition on YouTube. You can see and hear their enthusiasm and fun. All participants were requested to play one of the “Lyrical Pieces” by Edvard Grieg. Our sincere thanks go to all the girls and boys for their lively participation that really pleased us. A few days ago, the jury sat together for the final discussion and decision making. After thoroughly appraising each contribution determined the following winners were determined:

Age group I (6 to 8 years)

1. Prize (150 Euros):

Jacky Xiaoyu Zhang from Cambridge, Great Britain


2. Prize (100 Euros):

Kai Gergov from Vienna, Austria


3. Prize (50 Euros each):

Salome Kvaratskhelia from Frankfurt/Main, Germany
and Colin Alexander Pütz from Niederkassel, Germany


The 4. to 10. Prizes (a Henle Urtext edition each) was awarded the following participants without placement (in alphabetical order):

Laurin Atzenbeck from Wildenberg, Germany

Soley Blümel from Buchbach, Austria

Valeria Erandi González Gerwig from Königswinter, Germany

Justin Huang from Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Zi Mo Liu from Beijing, China   

Yuliana Kiselova from Odessa, Ukraine

An Yu from Bad Homburg, Germany



Age group II (9 to 11 years)

1. Prize (200 Euros):

Simon Haje from Berlin, Germany

2. Prize (130 Euros each):

Milo Fels from Kelkheim, Germany
and Haowen Gao from Vienna, Austria


3. Prize (70 Euros):

Mirko Kegel from Munich, Germany


The 4. to 11. Prize (a Henle Urtext edition each) was awarded the following participants without placement (in alphabetical order):

Thorben Diederichsen from Göttingen, Germany

Odric Aurelian Gaspers from Berlin, Germany

Oliver Groneberg from Hofheim, Germany

Lulu-Eina Heidel from Wesseln, Germany

Cosima Heilmaier from Erding, Germany

Jessica Jiang from Madison, WI, USA

Evangelyn Shen from Allentown, PA, USA

Andy Zhu from Frankfurt/Main, Germany


The members of the jury were

- Prof. Michael Schäfer, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Munich
- Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert, G. Henle Verlag, Munich
- Prof. Claudius Tanski, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg.

A listing of all participants is available, ordered by age groups, on our YouTube channel.

The 1.-3. Prize winners received money prizes. All other prizes were Henle Urtext music books. The prizes will be sent by post shortly. Congratulations to all the winners!

The 6. Henle Piano Competition will start in January 2017!