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Henle Piano Competition 2021: The Winners


We were able to see and hear the enthusiasm with which 426 young pianists from 35 different countries participated in the Henle Piano Competition. That is by far the largest number of contestants the competition ever reached in its ten year history. The young musicians played a movement out of a selection of Joseph Haydn’s piano sonatas.

We would like to thank all the girls and boys for their dedicated contributions that truly pleased us. The jury came together recently to watch, listen, discuss – and finally to make their decisions. Because of the great number of outstanding contributions the jurors agreed to award the prizes 1 – 3 twice in all age groups.

Here are the winners:

Age Group 1 (6 to 7 years)

1. Prize (150 Euros):

Louis Gao from Charlotte, NC, USA


Leonore Sternlaub Kramer from Munich, Germany



2. Prize (100 Euros):

Elizabeth Guo from London, Great Britain
Linus Guwen Jia from Frankfurt/Main, Germany


3. Prize (50 Euros):

Wilson Liu from San Ramon, CA, USA
Joanne Soon from Singapore


Additional prizes (Henle Urtext editions) without ranking were awarded to the following participants (in alphabetical order):

Aaron Chen from West Vancouver, Canada

Andrew Chen from Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Valerie Hespelt from Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Jonathan Yifan Hou from Renningen, Germany

Haoming Lian from West Vancouver, Canada

Phoebe Liu from Wantirna South, Australia

Haojun Rousseau from Bedford, NH, USA

Lisa Schneider from Molbergen, Germany

Emi Tang from Wolfsburg, Germany

Amanda Tian from Vermont, Australia

Borun Wang fromHeidelberg, Germany

Jelica Angelline Zecy Yang from Jambi, Indonesia

Maximilian Zhu from Heidelberg, Germany


Age Group 2 (8 to 9 years)

1. Prize (180 Euros):

Marie Elisa Himpel from Hannover, Germany


Eunchae Lee from Gwonseon-gu, South Korea


2. Prize (120 Euros):

Yuxin Huang from Delmenhorst, Germany
Sona Tamura from Vienna, Austria


3. Prize (60 Euros):

Alexander Zong You Han from Hongkong
Isabella Gu from West Vancouver, Canada


Additional prizes (Henle Urtext editions) without ranking were awarded to the following participants (in alphabetical order):

Ballen (Shad) Barzinjy from Darmstadt, Germany

Jack Chen from Chapel Hill, NC, USA

William Chen from San Jose, CA, USA

Aleksandra Galushkina from Tallinn, Estonia

Victor Grenet from Paris, France

Sophia Hou from Pliezhausen, Germany

Yishi Huang from Oftersheim, Germany

Eva Hummler from Sulmingen, Germany

Sara Jimbo from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Charice Elleanore Konggo Budiman from Surabaya, Indonesia

Mariam Narimanidze from Tiflis, Georgia

Jonathan Ortlieb from Fulda, Germany

Cedrik Wagner from Wolfsburg, Germany

Zixin (Andy) Wang from Ottawa, Canada

Clive Terrence Wijaya from Surabaya, Indonesia

Aryung You from Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea



Age Group 3 (10 to 11 years)

1. Prize (200 Euros):

Lisann Pahnke from Essen, Germany


Adam Zheng from Ottawa, Canada


2. Prize (130 Euros):

Brayden Cheang from Austin, TX, USA
Chloe Ding from San Jose, CA, USA


3. Prize (70 Euros):

Katelyn Deng from Fremont, CA, USA
Qinghan Liu from Grünwald, Germany


Additional prizes (Henle Urtext editions) without ranking were awarded to the following participants (in alphabetical order):

Arthur Aretz-Yu from Düren, Germany

Shalynn Choi from Fullerton, CA, USA

Hudson Dong from St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Raffaello Giannini from Tervuren, Belgium

Robert Habermann from Munich, Germany

Aria McCloskey from Baltimore, MD, USA

Leila Pena Montes from Narón (A Coruña), Spain

Mahault Ska from Rixensart, Belgium

Eva Wang from Vienna, Austria

Matthea Zhao from London, Great Britain




The members of the jury were

- Prof. Michael Schäfer, Hochschule für Musik und Theater München
- Dr. Wolf-Dieter Seiffert, G. Henle Verlag, München
- Prof. Claudius Tanski, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg.

The contributions of all participants can be viewed on the Henle YouTube-Channel. They appear in the order of submission and by age group.

The 1.-3. prize winners receive money gifts. Alle other winners are awarded a Henle Urtext edition. 

Congratulations to all winners!

The 11. Henle Piano Competition will start in January 2022!