Reception for the Beethoven Catalogue of Works

Norbert Gertsch, Julia Ronge and Kurt Dorfmüller

C. Peter Henle, chairman of the
Günter Henle Foundation

Rolf Griebel, Bavarian State
Library and Wolf-Dieter
Seiffert, G. Henle Verlag

The new Beethoven Catalogue
of Works

An important day for Beethoven research! On 30 October 2014 G. Henle Publishers held a reception to unveil the new Beethoven Catalogue of Works. The "Thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis" was presented to 150 guests at the Bavarian State Library.


Amongst the guests of honour were first and foremost its three editors, Dr. Kurt Dorfmüller (Regensburg), Dr. Julia Ronge (Bonn) and Dr. Norbert Gertsch (Munich), who also delivered the keynote address.


This event was the culmination of 15 years’ work, during which the team of researchers, together with the international Beethoven research centres, and with the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn at the fore, compiled the information on all of Beethoven’s works. This two-volume reference work is to replace the earlier Beethoven Catalogue of Works from 1955, also known as the “Kinsky/Halm”.


The new publication, comprising around 2,000 pages, is the first to incorporate the findings of the Beethoven Complete Edition and Beethoven’s correspondence. Numerous additions and new categories have also been included, such as the compilation and identification of Beethoven’s autograph sketches, reprints and arrangements of the works from Beethoven’s time (also specifying the locations where they were found), a section regarding unfinished works, the inclusion of 23 additional works without opus number, and sections on composition studies, opera and oratorio plans.

The new reference work for Beethoven research is now available.

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Gertraut Haberkamp, Kurt Dorfmüller, Julia Ronge, Norbert Gertsch, Louise Carleton-Gertsch and Annette Oppermann