Over 50 internationally celebrated pianists were invited to adopt one Haydn piano sonata each and provide it with their personal fingerings – a “who’s who” on the contemporary piano scene. G. Henle Publishers now presents this classic, revised and with a new look, to all pianists in the certainty that Haydn’s sonatas will further cement their place in the world of music. Volume I contains Haydn’s early sonatas, very much still born of the spirit of the early Classical period: catchy music, fun to play, often at a moderate level of difficulty, without which modern piano instruction would be nearly unthinkable. Time and again, the authenticity of individual sonatas from this group has been questioned – the preface by Armin Raab, the Scholarly Director of the Joseph Haydn Institute, now provides comprehensive information on new findings regarding this important topic area.

Klaus Schilde (Hob. XVI:1 C major)
Sylvia Hewig-Tröscher (Hob. XVI:2 B flat major)
Michael Schneidt (Hob. XVI:3 C major)
Sophie Pacini (Hob. XVI:4 D major)
Jan Philip Schulze (Hob. XVI:5 A major)
Valentina Lisitsa (Hob. XVI:6 G major)
Yaara Tal (Hob. XVI:7 C major)
Markus Bellheim (Hob. XVI:8 G major)
Carmen Piazzini (Hob. XVI:9 F major)
Jacob Leuschner (Hob. XVI:10 C major)
Silke Avenhaus (Hob. XVI:11 G major)
Benjamin Moser (Hob. XVI:12 A major)
Emanuel Ax (Hob. XVI:13 E major)
Sa Chen (Hob. XVI:14 D major)
Andreas Boyde (Hob. XVI:16 E flat major)
Christine Schornsheim (Hob. XVI:18 B flat major)
Cyprien Katsaris (Hob. XVI:19 D major)
Claudius Tanski (Hob. XVI:44 g minor)
William Youn (Hob. XVI:45 E flat major)
Gerhard Oppitz (Hob. XVI:46 A flat major)
Michael Schäfer (Hob. XVI:47 e minor)
Christian Rieger (Hob. XIV:5 D major)
Rolf Koenen (Hob. XVI:G1 G major)
Dirk Mommertz (Hob. XVII:D1 D major)
Sunwook Kim (ohne Hob. E flat major)
Éric Le Sage (ohne Hob. E flat major)