Following Dittersdorf (HN 759) and Hoffmeister (HN 721), Johann Baptist Vanhal and his sole double-bass concerto add a further highlight to the classical bass literature in our catalogue. The virtuoso work was transmitted only in a copy of a part owned by the famous double-bass player Johannes Sperger (1750–1812) and found in his estate, which raises a few questions on account of the many later additions in the solo part (especially concerning the octave transpositions). In our Urtext edition, Tobias Glöckler proposes a solution to this dilemma with a musical text that is outstandingly well-prepared for the performing artist. The piano reduction is printed in two keys (C and D major), which allows for performances in the solo, orchestral and “Viennese” tuning or, at will, from a part containing fingerings and bowings.