From My Native Land - Two Duets for Violin and Piano

編集者: Milan Pospísil
指使い: Michael Schneidt
Fing. vn: Ernst Schliephake

17.50 €

Urtext Edition, paperbound
unmarked part on demand

ページ: 30 (V, 19, 6), 大きさ 23,5 x 31,0 cm
注文番号 HN 756 · ISMN 979-0-2018-0756-0

“They are in a light style, intended more for use in the home than for concert performance”. Thus Smetana described these two duets in which he memorialised his Bohemian homeland. It is a fact, though scarcely believable, that Smetana had by this time already been deaf for two years. The pieces were popular from the outset: Smetana was able to demand a high price for them, and even to play off several aspiring publishers against each other. The duets are not technically over-demanding, and attract by means of their joyful character and powerful melodies.

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