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Emmanuel Chabrier

Bourrée fantasque

編集者: Peter Jost
指使い: Pascal Rogé

9.00 €

Urtext Edition, paperbound

ページ: 24 (VI, 18), 大きさ 23,5 x 31,0 cm
注文番号 HN 1162 · ISMN 979-0-2018-1162-8

難易度 (Piano): 難しい (等級 7)

Whereas numerous French composers of the time tried to breathe new life into the larger forms of instrumental music, Chabrier concentrated on the smaller dance and character forms. The “Bourrée fantasque” was composed in 1891 and was the culmination of his piano works. The strictly regulated, lively court dance of the time is enriched by unusual harmonies and rhythms and therefore appears in a completely new light. Our edition of the “Bourrée Fantasque” (that is “whimsical bourrée”) is the first critical edition to consult all of the sources. The work is particularly characteristic of Chabrier’s style that oscillates between nostalgia, avantgarde and parody.

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