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Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Clarinet Sonata E flat major

編集者: Ernst Herttrich
指使い: Klaus Schilde

16.50 €

Urtext Edition, paperbound
for Clarinet in B flat

ページ: 40 (III, 29, 8), 大きさ 23,5 x 31,0 cm
注文番号 HN 1033 · ISMN 979-0-2018-1033-1

Mendelssohn in all probability composed the sonata for Carl Baron von Kaskel, who was also acquainted with Schumann and Wagner, and who dabbled in playing the clarinet and composing. The autograph of Mendelssohn’s clarinet sonata has only been accessible again since the 1980s. Unfortunately the date at the end of the manuscript has been removed. A copyist’s manuscript of the work that has also survived bears the date "1824". The fairly simple clarinet part might pay tribute to Kaskel’s ability and therefore lends itself to teaching.

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