Choruses, Incidental Music and other Vocal Works with Orchestra

編集者: James Dack

298.00 €

Complete Edition with critical report, Reihe XXVII, Band 3, clothbound

ページ: 299 (XX, 279)
注文番号 HN 5802 · ISMN 979-0-2018-5802-9

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  • "Su cantiamo" Hob. deest
  • Der Sturm/The Storm Hob. XXIVa:8
  • Invocation of Neptune Hob. XXIVa:9
  • Music for the tragedy "Alfred, König der Angelsachsen, oder der patriotische König" Hob. XXX:5
  • Incidental Music (Proverbe dramatique "Le Prince Wourtsberg") Hob. XXX:4
  • Volck's Lied Hob. XXVIa:43