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Kinsky/Halm: Das Werk Beethovens


編集者: Georg Kinsky, Hans Halm

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ページ: 808, © 1956
注文番号 HN 2200 · 国際標準図書番号 978-3-87328-020-5 · ISMN 979-0-2018-2200-6

Since its publication in 1955, the “Kinsky-Halm” as it is known in musical circles, has been an integral part of any scholarly research into Ludwig van Beethoven’s works. Yet it serves many other groups and is used by musicians, music scholars, those interested in music, antiquarian booksellers, librarians and authors of programme notes and booklets. The compendium gives information on every composition, including the genesis and performance history, the sources and relevant literature. Numerous musical examples aid the identification of the works. Additionally, an informative supplementary volume appeared in 1978, “Beiträge zur Beethoven-Bibliographie”, which updated the facts in the thematic catalogue (HN 2201).

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