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McCorkle: Johannes Brahms

Thematisch-Bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis

編集者: Margit L. McCorkle, Donald M. McCorkle

300.00 €


ページ: 841, 大きさ 17,5 x 25,8 cm, © 1984
注文番号 HN 2203 · 国際標準図書番号 978-3-87328-041-0 · ISMN 979-0-2018-2203-7

Whoever needs information on the compositional history of Johannes Brahms’ musical works as well as on the transmission of their sources will simply not be able to disregard this catalogue of works (in German). Since its publication in the mid 1980s, it has been considered to be the irrefutable, reliable reference work. Its author, the Canadian Margit McCorkle, has received several awards for this magnum opus including the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Once Ms McCorkle had completed her epic work on Brahms, she immediately went on to dedicate over ten years of her life to the works of another 19th century master: Robert Schumann (HN 2204).

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McCorkle: Johannes Brahms Thematisch-Bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis