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Alexander Scriabin

Piano Sonata no. 8 op. 66

編集者: Valentina Rubcova
指使い: Michael Schneidt

16.50 €

Urtext Edition, paperbound

ページ: 37 (V, 32), 大きさ 23,5 x 31,0 cm
注文番号 HN 354 · ISMN 979-0-2018-0354-8

難易度 (Piano): 難しい (等級 9)

In his last years, Skryabin realized a noble and great idea. Inspired by his study of theosophical writings, he dreamed of joining music, poetry, mime, architecture, light, colour and even aromas to create a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, and thus elevate human beings to a higher level of consciousness. This “Mysterium” was never completed, but his late piano sonatas – conceived as preliminary studies – enable us to see what moved Skryabin. He spent a particularly long time working on his eighth sonata and proofread it intensively; but later quite a few mistakes still found their way into it. Thanks to the autograph and the first edition, ambiguous passages have now been cleared up and corrected in our Urtext edition.

Audio example: Roberto Szidon
Deutsche Grammophon 028947704928GTR3


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