String Quartets Book IX op. 71 and 74 (Apponyi-Quartets)

編集者: Isidor Saslav, Georg Feder

24.00 €

Urtext Edition, Study score, paperbound

ページ: 135 (VIII, 127), 大きさ 17,0 x 24,0 cm
注文番号 HN 9213 · ISMN 979-0-2018-9213-9

Haydn dedicated the series of Quartets op. 71 and 74 to the Hungarian Count Apponyi, a Viennese patron of music and a freemason friend. Haydn composed them when he was enjoying a great deal of success with his "London Symphonies" in England. With their weighty slow introductions and dense movements focusing on sound, they also have symphonic characteristics. In particular the Quartet in g minor op. 74,3 is striking on account of its expressiveness and originality. Due to the rhythmic drive of the outer movements it was give the epithet "Rider Quartet". The study edition complements the parts of the "Apponyi Quartets" which are already available in Henle Urtext; a new preface by Christin Heitmann provides insightful background information.

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  • String Quartet (Apponyi Quartet) B flat major op. 71 Hob. III:69
  • String Quartet (Apponyi Quartet) D major op. 71 Hob. III:70
  • String Quartet (Apponyi Quartet) E flat major op. 71 Hob. III:71
  • String Quartet (Apponyi Quartet) C major op. 74 Hob. III:72
  • String Quartet (Apponyi Quartet) F major op. 74 Hob. III:73
  • String Quartet (Apponyi Quartet, "Reiterquartett") g minor op. 74 Hob. III:74