String Quartets Book II op. 9

編集者: Georg Feder

43.00 €

Urtext Edition, paperbound

ページ: 125 (V, 37, 27, 27, 29)
注文番号 HN 206 · ISMN 979-0-2018-0206-0

Six works belong to opus 9 – the first group of Haydn’s string quartets of which we know. The composer also went new ways as far as form was concerned: whereas he had still adhered to the five movement divertimento in the previous quartets opus 1 and 2, in this case he favoured four movements, something he continued in the future. Apart from this, he also expanded the register and experimented with metric surprises (for instance in the trio of the minuet from the G major quartet).

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  • String Quartet C major op. 9,1 Hob. III:19
  • String Quartet E flat major op. 9,2 Hob. III:20
  • String Quartet G major op. 9,3 Hob. III:21
  • String Quartet d minor op. 9,4 Hob. III:22
  • String Quartet B flat major op. 9,5 Hob. III:23
  • String Quartet A major op. 9,6 Hob. III:24