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Yaara Tal and Andreas Groethuysen – Piano Duo

The idea of binding musical scores in blue card seems at first to be a minor point; it is the printed music that ultimately matters - and G. Henle Edition is renowned for its highest quality and care (a fact which my colleagues have already honoured and praised). And yet: this clear blue that envelops the whole cover, is at once modern due to its simplicity and elegance and at the same time reminiscent of spring water, a mountain stream, origin – so, Urtext... Even from afar the promising cover is easy to spot and one can look forward to its exquisite contents!

Yaara Tal

Few editions of music are likely to have been able to set similar standards for their times over the course of the history of printed music as the Urtext editions by G. Henle Publishers have done from the outset. No modern interpretation can be imagined without this development. This also goes to show how deeply an editorial principle can influence musical understanding of its time. We cannot imagine working on the great classics from Bach to Debussy without the accuracy and clarity of the music from Henle Publishers! If you have grown up with these editions, as we have, then you are very spoiled and many other editions will no longer be able to win you over.

Andreas Groethuysen