Henle Publishers is primarily active in the field of music. The following selection is by no means exhaustive but endeavours to give you an insight into the very different projects that we support.

Call for donations for freelance musicians

G. Henle Publishers is supporting the call for donations of Deutsche Orchester-Stiftung (German Orchestra Foundation) with a video project of violinist Friedemann Eichhorn.


Barenboim-Said Akademie

December 2019: G. Henle Publishers generously support the Barenboim-Said Akademie, Berlin, by donating their entire Urtext sheet music catalogue, comprising 1,250 music books.


Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover


For the Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition Hannover, G. Henle Verlag is offering prizes in the form of printed Urtext sheet music editions, App Credit Vouchers and prize money totalling € 2,000.


Kronberg Academy

May 2018: The Günter Henle Foundation and the Horizon Foundation are to support the Sir András Schiff Performance Programme for Young Pianists with a extensive donation of sheet music books as well as two patronages over four years.


Liszt Piano Competition Utrecht

The Liszt piano competition in Utrecht (Netherlands) takes place every three years and is supported with sheet music prizes by G. Henle Publishers.


Perahia Masterclass

For the first time, G. Henle Publishers is planning to host an exclusive Masterclass for young professional pianists with acclaimed pianist Murray Perahia.


PIANO WEEK International Festival & Summer School

G. Henle Publishers are collaborating with the PIANO WEEK International Festival and Summer School, which takes place online for the second time this year between 14th and 19th December 2020.


Klavierfestival Ruhr

The multimedia-based website contains musical material from Henle Urtext editions.