年度ヘンレ ピアノコンクール


大変楽しい雰囲気の中、32ヶ国から651人の若いピアニストたちがヘンレ ピアノコンクールに参加しました。11年前にヘンレ ピアノコンサートが始まって以来最多の参加者数でした。




Age Group 1 (6 to 7 years)

1. Prize (170 Euros):

Yudi Zheng from Marbach/Neckar, Germany


2. Prize (120 Euros):

Claire Li from Fort Lee, NJ, USA


3. Prize (70 Euros):

Toni Gu from Dusseldorf, Germany
Ruohan Zhou from Allen, TX, USA


Additional prizes (Henle Urtext editions) without ranking were awarded to the following participants (in alphabetical order):

Mason Cheang from Austin, TX, USA

Xingyou Chen from Munich, Germany

Sylvie Chiu from Princeton Junction, NJ, USA

Catherine Geng from Dusseldorf, Germany

Yori Gubarew from Dresden, Germany

Ophelia Seramoon Kramer from Munich, Germany

Paul Yimeng Li from Hanover, Germany

Mia Li from Monheim/Rhein, Germany

Rachel Lei from San Francisco, CA, USA

Jie Hui Joanne Soon from Singapore

Luovi Wu from Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany

Lillian Yu from San Ranom, CA, USA

Tingxi Zhu from Livingston, NJ, USA


Age Group 2 (8 to 9 years)

1. Prize (200 Euros):

Clive Terrence Wijaya from Surabaya, Indonesia


2. Prize (140 Euros):

Maximilian Hongcheng Zhu from Heidelberg, Germany


3. Prize (80 Euros):

Chieh Yun Chen from Hsinchu, Taiwan
Alexander Zong You Han from Hong Kong


Additional prizes (Henle Urtext editions) without ranking were awarded to the following participants (in alphabetical order):

Sophia Aoki from Kisslegg, Germany

Andrew Chen from Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Eunice Choi from North Haledon, NJ, USA

Louis Gao from Charlotte, NC, USA

Elizabeth Guo from London, United Kingdom

Yishi Huang from Oftersheim, Germany

Alexandra Kirana Mulyono from Bogor, Indonesia

Jelica Angelline Zecy Yang from Jambi, Indonesia

Vivian Ruoying Yuan from Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Age Group 3 (10 to 11 years)

1. Prize (220 Euros):

Charisse Chung from Hong Kong


2. Prize (150 Euros):

Qinyue Yang from Shenzhen, China


3. Prize (90 Euros):

Eva Maria Ceralová from Dresden, Germany
Xizhi Aiden Luo from Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa
Christina Sung from Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Additional prizes (Henle Urtext editions) without ranking were awarded to the following participants (in alphabetical order):

Elena Barone from Lecce, Italy

Man Jun Angel Cheung from Hong Kong

Phoebe Fan from Beecroft, NSW, Australia

Chicago Hamada from Irvine, CA, USA

Chengjun Jiang from Wuhan, China

Muyang Li from Kanata, Canada

Chenxi Lyu from Bonn, Germany

Chloé Vanessa Sganga Fiamango from Milan, Italy

Symphony Shi from Carlingford, NSW, Australia

Mahault Ska from Ixensart, Belgium

Nicole Sun from Hinsdale, IL, USA

Inácio Wildt from Curutiba, Brasil

Jan Wimmer from Postbauer-Heng, Germany



The members of the jury were

  • Melanie Spanswick, pianist, educational piano writer, and author, Windsor, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Frank Huang, Miami University, Oxford Ohio, USA
  • Prof. Claudius Tanski, Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Austria

The contributions of all participants can be viewed on the Henle YouTube-Channel. They appear in the order of submission and by age group.

The 1.-3. prize winners receive money gifts. Alle other winners are awarded a Henle Urtext edition. 

Congratulations to all winners!

The 12. Henle Piano Competition will start in January 2023!



  • メラニー・スパンスウィック (Melanie Spanswick)、ピアニスト、作曲家、ピアノ音楽教育にまつわる著作だけでなく、新聞、雑誌などにも多く寄稿。イギリス・ロンドンのジュニア・ギルドホール音楽演劇学校で教員を務める。
  • フランク・ホアン教授(Prof. Frank Huang、アメリカ合衆国オハイオ州オックスフォードのマイアミ大学)
  • クラディウス・タンスキー教授(Prof. Claudius Tanski、オーストリア・ザルツブルクのモーツァルテウム大学)

すべての参加者のサマリーは、年齢別グループに従って、弊社 YouTube チャンネル. でご覧いただけます。



第12回ヘンレ ピアノコンクールは、2023 年1月に始まります!