The Piano Sonata no. 24 in F sharp major op. 78 with only two movements has always stood in the shadow of the considerably more popular “Appassionata” op. 57 and “Les Adieux” op. 81a which frame it. However, Beethoven himself considered this sonata, written in 1809, to be of greater importance – believe it or not – than the “Moonlight Sonata”: “One always speaks of the C sharp minor Sonata!”, he is said to have complained, according to Carl Czerny’s notes. “I have after all truly written better things. The F sharp major Sonata is something else!” Edited by the experienced editors Norbert Gertsch and Murray Perahia, and furnished with Perahia’s fingerings, this edition of the sonata strikes a blow for this masterpiece which very effectively combines virtuosity and lyricism.