Dvořák composed his Terzetto op. 74 in 1887 as the result of a spontaneous desire to write some domestic music. Inspired by neighbourhood violin lessons, he wrote these four little movements for two violins with viola accompaniment in the space of just a few days. This Terzetto is thus not technically difficult to play, though with its flowing melodies and spirited rhythms it still offers the best of Dvořák. It is not surprising that his publisher Fritz Simrock immediately snatched them up when Dvořák told him in 1887 that he was working on “little bagatelles”. The autograph of the score that contained many corrections nevertheless makes evident just how much hard work went into these “little bagatelles”. It also served as the engraver’s copy for the first edition. Both these sources were consulted for this Urtext edition that offers today’s players an authentic text of this musical jewel.