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FSC certification and packaging



The following standards in manufacturing and packaging of our products have been established so far:


  • FSC: G. Henle Verlag music books are FSC-certified (“Forest Stewardship Council”); our suppliers adhere to strict rules for their paper processing and print production
  • Lamination: Our book covers are not laminated. They have always been made of high quality, natural cardboard paper or linen.
  • Shrink-wrapping: Our products are not shrink-wrapped in plastic.
  • Local Production: All of our music books are produced by suppliers located in Germany (short delivery distances)
  • Packaging: We avoid plastic as much as we can, and almost excklusively use thin paper and paper scraps to protect our products when shipping
  • Returns: We avoid destroying returned books; they are re-sold as far as possible
  • Plastic bags: We have changed from plastic bags to paper bags and durable cotton bags for dealer and customer use