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Music Engraving

We are particularly proud of our engraving. Many musicians claim that Henle Urtext offers the finest and best engraving in the world. Here is one selected opinion:

Foto Isaac Stern

“What a joy it is to work with your editions. They are the most logical, musically speaking, and the planning and printing are of the utmost clarity and thus, a great help”

Isaac Stern to G. Henle Publishers

We are delighted to receive such praise because we do indeed invest a great deal of energy, love (and money) in our music engraving. The result is without equal. Only a few selected music engravers are allowed to work for us. Most of the Urtext editions in our backlist were even engraved by hand, using traditional metal plate engraving techniques.

If you are interested in learning more about the fascinating, but sadly no longer practised, art of metal plate engraving, please watch our informative films on this topic:

Film 1

was produced for the US organisation NAMM at the Henle head office in Munich and directed by Martin Marris (Boston). It was released in August 2011. It lasts 11'31'' minutes and is in both German and English.

Film 2 

was produced in 1997 by Anne-Liese Bente, mainly in the (today no longer extant) engraving department of the Universitätsdruckerei Stürtz in Munich. it lasts 7'42'' minutes and is available in German, English, French and Japanese.

You can also purchase original engraving plates; please send an email to: