Edition in 3 volumes: HN 1536 (Volume I), HN 1538 (Volume II), HN 1540 (Volume III)
The revision of the three-volume edition of Haydn’s piano sonatas also appears in a version without fingerings. Whoever wishes to study the Classical sonata canon in “pure” Urtext, free from added fingering suggestions, will now also find these in the Henle catalogue. Volume III offers the crowning achievement of Haydn’s sonata-writing with these late works, including famous works such as the stormy Sonata in e minor Hob. XVI:34 and the “grand” Sonata in E-flat major Hob. XVI:52. Superbly laid-out settings for the piano are combined here with great musical expressivity, which is why these sonatas remain firmly anchored in concert life to this day.