Eighteen piano sonatas survive from Mozart’s pen, composed during his mature years between 1775 and 1789. They are usually grouped according to their first editions: (1) six sonatas K. 279–284 | (2) three sonatas K. 309–311 | (3) three sonatas K. 330–332 | (4) sonata K. 333 | (5) the Fantasy and Sonata K. 475/457 | (6) the late sonatas K. 533/494, 545, 570, 576. This Urtext edition, bound in elegant, premium light-blue cloth, brings together all eighteen of Mozart’s piano sonatas in a single volume of over 300 pages. Ernst Herttrich, the scholarly editor of Mozart’s piano sonatas, has once more thoroughly compared the Urtext with all sources; Hans-Martin Theopold is responsible for the pedagogically valuable fingerings.