From early childhood, Max Reger grew into the tradition of artisanal, practical composition in which Johann Sebastian Bach became his role model. Traditional forms such as canon, fugue, passacaglia and variation gave stable form to his means of expression. But there is also another Reger. In the “Blätter und Blüten” (“Leaves and Blossoms”), whose moods range from the humorous to the melancholic, we find a sentimental, romantic side to Reger that rarely receives attention. The pieces bear titles such as “Spring Song”, “Hunting Piece”, “Moment musical” or “Elegie”. Something of Schumann’s melodic charm, Brahms’s profundity and Grieg’s folk style resonates here. With this Urtext edition, pianists can discover these pieces for themselves. The fingerings are by Helmut Brauss, an expert on Reger’s piano music.