Robert Schumann revered Johann Sebastian Bach and his polyphonic style throughout his life. Thus the “Six Studies in Canonic Form” op. 56 and “Four Sketches” op. 58 for pedal piano, which are reminiscent of Bach’s Inventions, were composed during a relatively short period starting in 1845. From a music history perspective, the “Six Fugues on the name BACH” op. 60 for organ or pedal piano are the first important organ compositions on the B-A-C-H theme before those by Franz Liszt and Max Reger. With his compositions for pedal piano – the Leipzig School of Music had one at that time – Schumann wanted to “bring new impetus to piano music”. However, this type of piano, which was equipped with a pedal keyboard, did not find wide dissemination in the years that followed. Therefore it is more than legitimate to play the compositions by Schumann presented in this edition on the organ. The editor is the well-known organist and professor Gerhard Weinberger.