Through the amiable genre of the sonatina, generations of piano pupils have slowly and cautiously approached its “big sister”, the sonata. With the aid of our three-volume selection of sonatinas from two centuries, intermediate piano pupils large and small can undertake an excursion through the development of piano music from the early 18th to the end of the 19th century. This second volume contains 21 sonatinas from the classical period by composers such as Clementi, Diabelli, Haydn, Kuhlau and Pleyel. Rhythmic elegance and melodic charm on the one hand, and Alberti basses and sometimes simple melodic structures on the other, are typical of the sonatinas of this era. Our collection offers a representative selection. Simple pieces at the beginning provide a way in; then the sonatinas follow in chronological order. A large body of literature for piano lessons!