Haydn’s three Symphonies nos. 90–92 might rightly be dubbed his “Paris Symphonies Part II”, as they were commissioned in 1788/89, likewise by the Société Olympique, for which Haydn had already composed his six “Paris Symphonies” nos. 82–87 just a few years earlier. Ironically enough, Haydn would later sell these three a second time to Prince von Oettingen-Wallerstein who requested he “receive 3 new symphonies from him”. Regardless of such mercantile entanglements, Haydn shows himself to be at the full height of his mastery as a symphonist in these works. Completed in 1788 according to the autograph manuscript, the Symphony in E flat major no. 91 astonishes, even for Haydn’s standards, with its many idiosyncrasies, such as the Baroque, contrapuntal theme of the first movement or the strings of trills in the slow variation movement. This study edition adopts the musical text of the Haydn Complete Edition, thereby guaranteeing the highest scholarly quality. An informative preface and a brief Critical Report make the handy score an ideal companion for all current and soon-to-be Haydn fans.