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Michelle's recommendations


Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier Part I and II with fingerings by Andras Schiff

Michelle loves these editions because they contain Andras Schiff’s fingering suggestions! For pianists, good fingerings are a godsend since it can help you learn faster and solve a lot of musical and technical issues. I’ve found Schiff’s fingering suggestions gave me confidence and allowed me to study the pieces with ease. It also helped me pick up and memorize the pieces faster!


Schubert’s Early and Unfinished Sonatas Vol. III

For a serious pianist, it is important to be well researched as you study and develop your own interpretations. That is why this Henle edition is so valuable - It contains notes and edits from Badura-Skoda, an Austrian pianist best known for his interpretations of Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert’s works. After reading his notes in this edition, you’ll understand why he was a great Schubert interpreter. His edits will help you feel confident that your studies and interpretations on Schubert are well informed and accurate.


Tiffany's recommendations


Beethoven Sonatas I & II

Tiffany believes strongly that the Beethoven Sonatas are a must-study for any pianist who wants to dive deeper into the classical music world. Bridging between Classical and Romantic periods, the Sonatas also express the multitude of emotions that Beethoven experienced throughout his lifetime. Besides the obvious aesthetics of the beautiful blue cover, it is edited by Munich musicologist Bertha Antonia Wallner with the support of the Beethoven Archive in Bonn; the Henle Urtext edition of the Sonatas is still universally regarded as a reference source today.


Haydn Sonatas I, II & III

The Haydn Sonatas have played a critical role in my music journey. Drawn to Haydn’s optimistic, witty, yet noble character, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying his Sonatas and have found that they are often overshadowed by other Sonatas of the Classical era. The Henle Urtext edition stands out as it is edited by Georg Feder, one of the foremost Haydn scholars of his time and Head of Research at Joseph Haydn-Institut for 30 years. Whether this is your first time studying a Classical Sonata or your 100th, I promise you will find something new to learn, and that you too, will thoroughly enjoy the process.

Choose from our wide range of Urtext editions with works by the most famous composers! You know our Urtext editions by their

- undistorted, reliable and authoritative musical text
- superb, aesthetically appealing music engraving
- practical use (page turns, fingerings) and high quality
- prefaces, explanatory footnotes and "Critical Report" of the sources – also in English.


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