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About the difficulties of notating ornamentation – The riddle of a neighbouring trill tone in Chopin’s Berceuse

The topic “ornamentation” in music is truly endless. We have … Continue reading

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Why facsimiles, actually?

The blue Urtext editions certainly amount to the lion’s share … Continue reading

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Gratis, but not for nothing – the download of the Lalo cello concerto

Whilst browsing through the Henle publishers’ catalogue you may occasionally … Continue reading

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What’s the shelf life of Urtext? Revising at Henle publishers

When you look carefully at our recent publications you’ll also … Continue reading

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‘Fontana’s version’ – genuine Chopin?

A glance at the table of contents in our Urtext … Continue reading

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Debussy: to finger or not to finger…? Why we are adding fingering in the “Études”

In summer 1915 in the solitude of Pourville, the small … Continue reading

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“La dernière pensée musicale de Chopin” – a Sham?

Mystery swirls around Chopin’s Mazurka in f minor, op. post. … Continue reading

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How does Chopin’s Second Ballade end?

Many pianists are familiar with the problem that there are … Continue reading

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