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we most warmly thank you today for your interest in the Henle Blog. We also look for­ward to your visits in the coming year and promise interesting postings on musical ques­tions concerning music texts.
Today, you will find here a film that is really something. It is an old production from a full 30 years ago of the Bach Christmas Oratorio with Nikolaus Harnoncourt con­duc­ting. Absolutely worth hearing and seeing!

J. S. BACH, Christmas Oratorio BWV 248

Waldhausen, baroque Abbey Church Maria Himmelfahrt (Picture: Peter Reiser, Source:

Waldhausen, baroque Abbey Church Maria Himmelfahrt (Picture: Peter Reiser, Source:

July/November 1982 (TV Production for Unitel)
2005 DVD Release Deutsche Grammophon
WALDHAUSEN, baroque Abbey Church

Gregor Lütje, Allan Bergius, Christian Schnellert, soprano
Stefan Rampf, contralto
Peter Schreier, tenor
Robert Holl, bass
Tölzer Knabenchor (Conductor: Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden)
Concentus Musicus

(Source: Tölzer Knabenchor | Archiv)

In this spirit: ‘Exult, rejoice!’

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Norbert Gertsch
Peter Jost
Norbert Müllemann
Annette Oppermann
Dominik Rahmer
Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

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  1. Mark Zimmer says:

    I just found the Henle blog and find the discussions fascinating. More, please!!! We at The Unheard Beethoven are always interested in tiny textual details and differences in scores and how they can significantly alter the character of a work or a performance.

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