Carnival, Mardi Gras, Fasching: Today, Carnival Monday (“Rosenmontag” in German) is also being celebrated in Munich – although somewhat less exuberantly than in Cologne or Mainz.

So, just for fun in today’s blog posting we are zooming in on our Urtext catalogue since you’ll find several “silly” compositions stashed away even there. You want to know which ones?

Well, we’ve “anagrammed” the titles considerably so that it won’t be quite so easy. Can you detect the pieces we mean? You’ll find the solution if you click on the link to the HN number. Have fun!

Larva Can
(solution: HN 187)

Same Suq
(solution: HN 406)

Vicar in a Fan Novel
(solution: HN 186)

Fiery Lava Crab: Run!
(solution: HN 616, piece no. 2)

Chameleon Hits a Naval Rift
(solution: HN 730 or HN 943)

Hipster Clan Ate a TV
also known as
A Prenatal Itch Vest
(solution: HN 805)

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