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Sergei Rachmaninoff

Prélude g sharp minor op. 32 no. 12

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Robert Schumann

String Quartets op. 41

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony no. 5 c minor op. 67

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At what tempo does Ravel’s Pavane “die”?

The Pavane pour une infante défunte [Pavane for a Dead Princess] is a small composition by Maurice Ravel that he wrote in 1899 for piano and later reworked for orchestra. Even now after the publication of the edition I am still thinking about one question, for I have not found any conclusive answer to it: At what tempo does Ravel’s Pavane “die”? More »

Reger Catalogue of Works currently updated

Reger-Werkverzeichnis op. 144b, 300px

Exactly 100 years ago, in August 1915, Max Reger composed his Requiem op. 144b in Jena. He naturally could not suspect that he would die suddenly just a few months later, and that the world première of his Requiem would turn into a commemoration of his life. More »

Catalogue “New Publications Autumn 2015”

We have just published our catalogue of "New Publications Autumn 2015". It includes all the Henle Urtext editions, which are about to be published. More »

Video: First edition of Mozart’s Sonata in A major following the discovery of the Budapest manuscript

Which parts of the manuscript were found? What changes have there been to the musical text? How did the new fingering come about? You’ll find the answers to these questions as well as other ones concerning the extraordinary new edition of Mozart’s Piano Sonata in A major K 331 in this video. More »

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