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Joueurs de flûte op. 27
7 difficult

About the Composer


Albert Roussel

French composer. His biography is noticeably eclectic; aside from his belated musical career, he also completed a stint as a naval officer and was regarded as a talented mathematician. His multifaceted works traverse Expressionism and Impressionism to arrive at a mature, unique personal style. His extensive oeuvre includes stage works, symphonies, and chamber music.

1869Born in Tourcoing on April 5.
1877–79An orphan, he is taken in by his maternal grandfather.
1879After his grandfather’s death he is put under the care of his aunt.
from 1880He receives a musical education in his home town.
1884Becomes a student at Paris’ Collège Stanislas.
from 1885Takes private lessons in piano from Jules Stoltz.
from 1887Trains as a naval officer at the École navale. On his travels he studies harmony and music theory on his own.
from 1893Studies music privately with Julien Koszul at the Roubaix Conservatoire.
1894He is a composition pupil of Eugène Gigout in Paris.
1898–02Completes his musical studies with Vincent d’Indy at the Schola Cantorum.
1902–14He teaches counterpoint at the Schola Cantorum, his pupils including Roland-Manuel and Erik Satie.
from 1909The musical impressions of a journey to Southeast Asia lead to composition of important works like his “Évocations,” op. 15, or the ballet-opera “Padmâvatî,” op. 18.
from 1926Composes major works such as the Suite in F major, op. 33 and the Concerto, op. 34.
1937Dies in Royan on August 23.

About the Authors


Klaus Schilde (Fingering)

Prof. Klaus Schilde, born in 1926, spent his childhood in Dresden. There he was greatly influenced by Walter Engel, who taught him the piano (Kodaly method), composition and violin. From 1946–1948 he studied at the music conservatory in Leipzig with Hugo Steurer. After moving to the west in 1952 he studied with Walter Gieseking and Edwin Fischer, as well as with Marguerite Long, Lucette Descaves and Nadia Boulanger in Paris.

Schilde won numerous prizes. From 1947 onwards he gave concerts as a soloist and chamber musician on almost every single continent with renowned orchestras. He taught at the music conservatories in East Berlin Detmold, West Berlin, Munich, Tokyo (Geidai) and Weimar. From 1988–1991 he was President of the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich, where he also taught for decades as a professor. There are numerous radio and television broadcasts with Klaus Schilde as well as CD recordings. Schilde has contributed fingerings to almost 100 Henle Urtext editions.

Prof. Klaus Schilde passed away on 10 December, 2020.

Mit der Urtext Edition aus dem Musikverlag Henle wird das Werk nun in einer ihm würdigen Ausgabe verlegt. Hier wird es mit ausführlichem Vorwort, das zur Entstehung und Interpretation wichtige Gedanken liefert, ausgestattet, ein Kritischer Bericht befindet sich in seinem Anhang und es liegt ein sorgfältig, angenehmer Notentext vor. Unbedingt empfehlenswert bei der Anschaffung des Stückes ist es zu dieser Ausgabe zu greifen.

Flöte aktuell, 2012



Georg Friedrich Händel Six Recorder Sonatas
Editor: Christian Schaper
Editor, Figured bass realisation: Ullrich Scheideler
Urtext Edition, paperbound
HN 1497

Variants from €9.00
€30.00 available

Variants from €9.00
€30.00 available
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Leos Janácek March of the Bluebirds for Piccolo and Piano
Editor: Jirí Zahrádka
Urtext Edition, paperbound
HN 1143

€11.50 available

€11.50 available
Further editions of this title
Further editions of this title