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Difficulty (Explanation)
Other titles of this difficulty
La Primavera E major op. 8,1 RV 269
4 medium
L'Estate g minor op. 8,2 RV 315
5 medium
L'Autunno F major op. 8,3 RV 293
5 medium
L'Inverno f minor op. 8,4 RV 297
5 medium

About the Composer


Antonio Vivaldi

He earned his fame as a violin virtuoso and composer primarily from (over 500) instrumental concerti, whose Baroque model (three movements, ritornello form) he created. He also wrote numerous operas.

1678Born in Venice on March 4, the son of a barber and violinist. Musical instruction probably from his father.
1703Ordination and appointment as violin teacher at the Ospedale della Pietà; around 1716 Maestro de’ Concerti. Writes violin music and sacred works.
1711Publication of Vivaldi’s Op. 3, “L’Estro Armonico,” the most influential concerti of the first half of the eighteenth century.
1713Successful premiere in Vicenza of his first opera “Ottone in villa.” He then becomes active as composer and impresario at the Venetian Teatro Sant’Angelo, where he performs his own and others’ compositions.
around 1716Publication of the concerto collection “La stravaganza,” Op. 4.
1718–20As Maestro di Capella a Camera at the court of the governor of Mantua, Prince Philip of Hesse-Darmstadt, he is responsible for secular music.
from 1720Numerous travels to Rome and Vienna, perhaps even to Prague.
1724Performance in Rome of his opera “Giustino.”
1725Publication of the concerto collection “Il Cimento dell’Armonica e dell’Inventione,” Op. 8, which opens with the “Four Seasons.”
1727Premiere in Venice of the opera “Orlando (furioso)”; publication of the concerto collection “La Cetra,” Op. 9.
1732–36Opera performances in Verona and Venice.
around 1740He decamps for Vienna.
1741Dies in poverty in Vienna on July 28

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About the Authors

Dominik Rahmer (Editor)

Dr. Dominik Rahmer, born in 1971 in Mainz, studied musicology, philosophy and maths in Bonn. He did his Magister Artium in 1999 and his doctorate in 2006 with a thesis on the music criticism of Paul Dukas.

From 2001 to 2011 he was employed at Boosey & Hawkes/Bote & Bock in Berlin, where he also worked on the Critical Edition of the Works of Jacques Offenbach (OEK). Since 2011 he has been an editor at G. Henle Publishers in Munich, with a particular focus on French and Russian music and works for wind instruments.



Joseph Haydn Ser. 26, Vol. 4 | Arrangement of arias and ensembles of other composers, Volume 2
Editor: Sebastian Biesold
Complete Edition with critical report, clothbound
HN 5779

Variants from €359.00
€386.00 available

Variants from €359.00
€386.00 available
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