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Clarinet Concerto no. 2 E flat major op. 57

About the Composer


Louis Spohr

Composer and virtuoso violinist who also made important contributions to German opera. He was regarded by many of his contemporaries as one of the greatest German composers.

1784Born in Braunschweig on April 5, the son of a doctor and a singer and pianist mother.
1799Appointed second violinist in the Court Chapel of the Duke of Braunschweig.
from 1802He accompanies the virtuoso Fr. Eck on his concert tours all the way to St. Petersburg. He receives instruction in violin and gains experience as a concertmaster. After 1803 he undertakes his own travels and rises to become one of the most sought-after violin virtuosi. Numerous compositions, including violin concerti, chamber music, the Symphony No. 1 in E-flat major, Op. 20, and the first three operas.
1805–12Concertmaster in Gotha.
1813–15Orchestral director at the Theater an der Wien; composition of chamber music and his opera “Faust,” which is premiered in Prague in 1816.
1817–19Director of opera and music at the Stadttheater in Frankfurt am Main.
1819Premiere of his opera “Zemire und Azor.”
1819/20Travels to London and Paris.
1822Kapellmeister in Kassel, where he will remain until the end of his life. Primarily director of the opera. Numerous compositions (further symphonies, concerti, piano works, chamber music, songs, oratorios). His “Appeal to German Composers” to compose large-scale Romantic operas.
1823Premiere in Kassel of his most important opera “Jessonda,” an important contribution to the development of German grand opera through its replacement of recitatives with dialogues.
1825Premiere of his opera “Der Berggeist” (“The Mountain Spirit”).
1827Premiere of the oratorio “Die letzten Dinge” (“The Last Judgment”).
1843He performs Wagner’s “Der fliegende Holländer” (“The Flying Dutchman”) in Kassel.
1859Death in Kassel on October 22.

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