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Songs from the Mur-Island
Song from the Mur-Island no. 1
2 easy
Song from the Mur-Island no. 2
2 easy
Song from the Mur-Island no. 3
2 easy
Song from the Mur-Island no. 4
2 easy
Song from the Mur-Island no. 5
2 easy


Mur Island (Croatian: Medimurje) is a region in Northern Croatia, approximately 528 sq.m. in extent with a population of over 100 000 and bounded by the rivers Drava and Mur. A wealth of folksongs has been preserved there, which are still sung today. The melodies, which almost without exception are diatonic in form, are based mainly on the ecclesiastical modes, the Dorian ... more

About the Composer


Marko Tajcevic

A composer and conductor who endeavored to establish a Yugoslavian national style. To this end he incorporated the folk music of his homeland and connected it to late-Romantic and modern elements. He wrote choral works, song cycles, and instrumental music and published works of music pedagogy and music criticism.

1900Born in Osijek (Croatia) on January 29.In Zagreb he is taught by Fran Lhotka, Franjo Dugan, and Blagoje Bersa. In Prague he studies with Václav Štěpán, in Vienna with Joseph Marx.
1924–27He teaches at various schools in Zagreb. Writes his seven balkanskih igara (Balkan Dances) for piano.
1927–40He teaches at the Lisinski Music School, founded by him and Zlatko Grgošević, and is also active as a choir director.
from 1940–45He moves to Belgrade, where he teaches at the upper music school.
1945Appointed teacher at the Academy of Music.
1950–66He is professor of music theory and composition at the Academy of Music.
1960–62Holds the chair in music at the Pedagogical Academy in Titograd (now Podgorica).
1984Dies in Belgrade on July 19.

Piano teachers are always looking for fresh music for their students to make lessons and recitals more interesting. One collection that could be a welcome addition to the teaching repertoire is 'Songs from Mur Island' by Marko Tajčević. This collection, largely unknown in the U.S., is an attractive set of pieces useful for developing musicianship and technique. In addition, the music is published by G. Henle and readily available for purchase.

Clavier Companion, 2012



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