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Erwin Schulhoff

A Bohemian composer and pianist, whose works reflect all the musical currents of his age: thus one may find jazz, trendy dances like the Charleston, neoclassicism, and Dadaism in them. He achieved great success as a concert and radio pianist. His compositional oeuvre includes stage works, songs, works for orchestra, chamber music, and piano pieces.

1894Born in Prague on June 8.
1901On the recommendation of Antonín Dvořák he receives piano instruction from Heinrich von Kaan-Albest, director of the Prague Conservatory.
1904He studies at the Prague Conservatory.
1906He becomes a pupil of Willy Thern.
1908On June 8 he matriculates at the Leipzig Conservatory.
1909He is accepted into Max Reger’s composition studio.
1911At the Cologne Conservatory he deepens his studies comprehensively, e.g., in piano, counterpoint, orchestration, composition, and conducting.
1913He is awarded the Wüllner Prize and the Mendelssohn Prize.
1918He receives the Mendelssohn Prize for a second time, this time for his String Quartet, op. 25. He is accompanist at the Cologne Opera.
from 1919He lives in Dresden with his sister, in whose studio a group of artists regularly gathers.
1920–22Teaches at the conservatory in Saarbrücken.
1924He is the music correspondent for the Prague Abendblatt (evening newspaper).
1935–39He works as a radio pianist in Mährisch-Ostrau (Ostrava). Because of his Jewish heritage he loses his job.
1941On June 23 he and his son are arrested during the German invasion.
1942Dies in the Wülzburg internment camp on August 18.

Vorliegende Ausgabe gibt nicht nur den Originaltext wieder, sondern mit verschiedenen „Ossia“-Stimmen erstmals den Text der Uraufführung. Da Frank Lunte als begnadeter Saxofonist oft durch Deutschland tourt, gibt er zudem wertvolle Infos zur Spielpraxis.

Üben und Musizieren, 2018

Edizioni come questa possono aiutare a riscoprirne appieno la figura.

Suonare news, 2019