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Perahia Masterclass

For the first time, G. Henle Publishers hosted an exclusive Masterclass with the acclaimed pianist Murray Perahia. The event took place from 10 to 12 June 2022 in Schloss Fürstenried in Munich.

We would like to express our warmest thanks to Maestro Perahia and to the 10 participants of the Masterclass: Elia Cecino (Italy), Yan Francis Fang (China), Pieter Gunawan (Indonesia), Hyunji Kim (South Korea), Michael Lu (USA), Eden Agranat Meged (Israel), Misora Ozaki (Japan), Maksym Shadko (Ukraine), Clara Isabella Siegle (Germany) and Parker Van Ostrand (USA).

Get some impressions of our event here:



Click on the photo for an enlarged view:


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