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Clarinet Concerto B flat major

About the Composer


Johann Stamitz

A Bohemian composer and violinist, regarded as a founder of the Mannheim School. Under him, the musical life at the Palatinate court and in its orchestra experienced a golden age. He occupies a prominent position in the history of the symphonie concertante. Along with over 60 symphonies, he wrote numerous concerti and chamber music works (among other things).

1717Born in Německý Brod, the son of an organist; baptized on June 19.
1728–34He attends the Jesuit secondary school in Jihlava.
1734–35Studies at the University of Prague.
around 1741Becomes violinist in the Mannheim court chapel.
1742On June 29 in Frankfurt am Main, he gives a concert on the violin, the viola d’amore, the cello, and the double bass for the imperial coronation of Charles VII.
from 1743As concertmaster of the Mannheim court orchestra, he builds up a group of violinists that significantly improves the quality of the ensemble.
1750On February 27, he is promoted to instrumental music director. Under his direction, the Mannheim Orchestra rises to become one of the most popular and skilled of its day.
1751–53At the Palatinate court he occupies the position of deputy music director under Ignaz Holzbauer.
1754His symphonies and concerti are performed in Paris, enabling him to establish himself as a composer and virtuoso there. He composes for occasions hosted by the fermier général (tax-farmer general) Alexandre Jean Joseph Le Riche de la Poupelinière and assumes direction of his private choir in Passy.
1755A publishing privilege dated August 29 allows him to publish his works in Paris. In September he makes his way back to Mannheim.
1757Burial in Mannheim on March 30.

About the Authors

Nicolai Pfeffer (Editor, Cadenzas)

Die bereinigte, das Notenmaterial aus der Zeit der Mannheimer Schule reproduzierende, sehr gut lesbare Henle-Ausgabe wird der Bedeutung dieses frühen Konzerts in jeder Form gerecht und überlässt den Interpreten die detaillierte Gestaltung.

das Orchester, 2022



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Further editions of this title
Further editions of this title