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Henle Piano Competition

To all pianists between the ages of 6 and 11: Why not take part and upload your video to YouTube! Play just one single piece out of  the Henle volume “Selected Piano Works” by Frédéric Chopin” and you might win sheet music or a cash prize. And what’s more, you’ll have a lot of fun!


Official Rules and Guidelines


The competition is open to all pianists aged between six and eleven. Age is defined as the entering pianist’s age on the day of submitting the application. Henle reserves the right to ask for written proof of age from the participant’s parent or guardian.


This competition is not open to employees, owners, editors and authors of G. Henle Publishers or their relatives. Relatives and students of the jurors are also barred from participating. There is no right of appeal.

Three age groups

  • Age group 1: 6 to 7 years
  • Age group 2: 8 to 9 years
  • Age group 3: 10 to 11 years

Compulsory Piece

The compulsory piece for all age groups is any one (and only one) chosen piece from the Henle volume “Selected Piano Works” by Frédéric Chopin.

Music editions

Frédéric Chopin, Selected Piano Pieces You » HN 348

You may also play from the one of the following single editions: HN 659, HN 661, HN 662, HN 654, HN 771, HN 854, HN 1320.

If you use a tablet to play from the » Henle Library App your contribution will also be valid.

You may either play from memory or using one of the above Henle Urtext editions. You may also use the » Henle Library App. 

Music books from other publishers, photocopies or print-outs from the app are not allowed. Any breach of these rules and guidelines leads to disqualification.


The pianist will make a video recording of his/her spokeen introduction and following performance of the chosen piece. Entry is limited to one per person. Should the same pianist submit more than one recording, all of his/her entries will be disqualified.


The video is to be posted at by the participant’s parent or teacher. Following this, the pianist and a parent or guardian are to fill out and submit the online entry form that can be found on the publishing house website at

The Henle piano competition solely takes place in the form of video entries that are posted in an accessible YouTube channel by the participant and then added to the Henle Playlist at by Henle.

Other entries or entries on other media are not permitted.


Entry to the Henle Piano Competition is free-of-charge.


Age group 1 (6 to 7 years)
1st prize: 170 € and a Henle Urtext edition
2nd prize: 120 € and a Henle Urtext edition
3rd prize: 70 € and a Henle Urtext edition
4th to 10th prize: each person will receive a Henle Urtext edition
Age group 2 (8 to 9 years)
1st prize: 200 € and a Henle Urtext edition
2nd prize: 140 € and a Henle Urtext edition
3rd prize: 80 € and a Henle Urtext edition
4th to 10th prize: each person will receive a Henle Urtext edition
Age group 3 (10 to 11 years)
1st prize: 220 € and a Henle Urtext edition
2nd prize: 150 € and a Henle Urtext edition
3rd prize: 90 € and a Henle Urtext edition
4th to 10th prize: each person will receive a Henle Urtext edition

The Henle Urtext editions are each worth about 23 €. If wished, the prizes can also be awarded as credit vouchers to be redeemed in the Henle Library App (250 credit points). Each participant will receive a certificate.


  • Prof. Melanie Spanswick, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, and educational piano author
  • Prof. Frank Huang, Miami University, Oxford Ohio, USA
  • Prof. Claudius Tanski, Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Austria

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Closing date

The completed online entry form must be received by 23:59 Central European Summer Time (CEST) on May 1, 2024.

Publication of the winners

The names of the winners will be posted on our website approximately three weeks after the closing date.

I m p o r t a n t    i n f o r m a t i o n !
What every participant needs to know about his/her YouTube video:

  • Uploading the video: Information about uploading your video can be found in the “Help” section on the YouTube homepage.

  • Video quality: We do not expect a professional video. However, we urge you to create the best audio and video quality possible. Inadequate audio and/or video quality can lead to an entry being disqualified.

  • Video editing forbidden: The video must not be edited in any way and must run continuously from beginning to end.

  • The video must not be in "shorts" format. So called "shorts" cannot be added to YouTube playlists.

  • Picture detail: The pianist’s head, arms and hands must be clearly visible on the video. Best of all is a fixed camera position showing them at all times.

  • Sound recording: The performance recorded for the video entry must be acoustic and not amplified or altered electronically in any way. The only microphone(s) used should be for recording. General tips can be found in the “Help” section on the YouTube website.

  • Performance as if in front of an audience: The pianist should behave in the video as if they are performing in front of an audience. The video can either be shot at home, at (music) school, in a recital hall or any other place where there is a suitable piano.

  • Announcement: The pianist should begin the video entry by looking into the camera and clearly stating his/her first and last name, age and the piece he/she is about to play, so for example: “My name is Steven Brown, I’m ten years old and I’m going to play ‘March of the Dwarfs op. 54,3’ from Edvard Grieg, Lyric Pieces. Aside from this announcement, there must be no other speaking on the video, otherwise the pianist will be disqualified. Likewise, the video does not qualify without the spoken introduction.

  • Title of the video: The video for the Henle Piano Competition must be titled as follows on YouTube: “Henle Piano Competition 2024 [First and last name of the pianist]”; all words should be separated by a space, e.g. “Henle Piano Competition 2024 Lora Stern”.

  • Privacy settings: When you upload the video to YouTube, you must select “Public” in the “Privacy” settings. If “Unlisted” or “Private” is selected, your submission will be invalid. Please make sure to choose the option “No, it's not made for Kids”.

  • Online entry form: Once the video has been uploaded to YouTube as described above, the official Henle online entry form (see link below) must be filled out and submitted. It must contain the video link. Only then is the entry complete and the pianist entered for the competition. G. Henle Publishers will also add the video to its channel on YouTube.

  • Parental consent: The Henle online entry form must be filled in and submitted with the parents’ or guardian’s consent.

We have endeavoured to address all of the important issues in these official rules and guidelines. Should you still have any pressing questions regarding the competition, please send an email to


» Entry form


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