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"The Famous Solo" for Double Bass and Orchestra

About the Composer


Domenico Dragonetti

Italian double bassist and composer. In London he invented his special bowing technique; it facilitated an expressive, virtuosic style of playing that was adopted beyond the borders of London, for example by Gioacchino Rossini at the Paris Conservatoire. Aside from challenging solo and chamber music works for double bass, he wrote vocal music and transcribed works by himself and others.

1763Born in Venice on April 7. He learns violin and guitar as an autodidact.
around 1775He is trained by Michele Berini, double bassist at the Cappella di San Marco. He is soon engaged by various opera houses.
around 1781He is accepted into Venice’s “Arte dei Suonatori.”
1787–99A member of the Cappella di San Marco.
1795He meets Joseph Haydn.
1799In Vienna he plays Ludwig van Beethoven’s Cello Sonata, op. 5 no. 2, while on stage with the composer himself. He relocates to London, where he enjoys great success as a soloist, chamber musician, and solo bassist at the King’s Theatre, the Philharmonic Society, and the Ancient Concerts.
1808–ca. 1814Over the course of an extended journey, he ends up in Vienna. Here he meets Simon Sechter, who writes piano accompaniments and transcriptions of some of his works for double bass.
1839He becomes a member of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome.
1845In Bonn he becomes involved with the Beethoven festival.
1846Dies in London on April 16.

About the Authors


Tobias Glöckler (Editor, Fingering and bowing for Double Bass)

Tobias Glöckler is associate principal double bass player at the Dresdner Philharmonie and a prizewinner of the International ISB Double Bass Competition (USA). He studied with Konrad Siebach at the Music Conservatory in Leipzig, perfecting his skills with Jeff Bradetich (Chicago) and Ulrich Lau (Stuttgart). While studying, he was principal double bass player with the International Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra under Claudio Abbado. He has performed as a soloist with different orchestras, including the Dresdner Philharmonie with Ton Koopman. In addition he has made recordings for radio and has made guest appearances at diverse music festivals. He is a founding member of and solo bass player with the “ensemble frauenkirche” and has explored a great many chamber music works with the Dresdner String Quintet.

Glöckler teaches at the music conservatory in Dresden. His efforts concerning the revival of the “Viennese Tuning” have been rewarded with a Distinguished Achievement Award for historical performance practice.

Photo © markenfotografie

Auch bei dieser Urtextausgabe hat Tobias Glöckler umfassende Quellenarbeit geleistet, alle Entscheidungen bei unklarem Quellenmaterial sind im Anhang genau dokumentiert. (...) Hohe Druckqualität und durchdachte Seiteneinteilung (keine Blätter-Probleme) machen die Arbeit mit diesem Material angenehm. (...) Man darf sich auf den (Wieder-)Einzug von Dragonettis "Famous Solo" in die Konzertprogramme von Kontrabassisten und Kammermusikensembles freuen!

ESTA-Nachrichten, 2016

The piano reduction, which bears a very close relationship to one of the original piano accompaniments, is consistently excellent. The solo part is characteristically clean and clear, and editorial notes are clear and comprehensive, Glöckler is to be congratulated on his continuing careful scholarship, breathing new life into yet another standard repertoire item, thereby furthering a remarkable spate of interest in compositions of this great virtuoso of former days.

American String Teacher, 2015

Dragonettis "Famous solo", im Original für Kontrabass und Orchester, ist heute weithin unbekannt. Die Musik ist dabei immer noch so spritzig und originell wie am ersten Tag. Eher scheint es so, dass seit 150 Jahren keine vernünftige Ausgabe erschienen ist und das clevere Werk erst jetzt in sorgfältig erstellten Urtextausgaben erschienen ist.

Ensemble, 2014

La presente edizione è estremamente curata da tutti i punti di vista: prefazione e note esaustive, parti per contrabbasso e quartetto d'archi (due violini, viola, violoncello) e per contrabbasso e pianoforte sia in Mi minore/Sol Maggiore che in Fa# minore/La Maggiore, in modo che il contrabbasso possa suonare sia in accordatura da orchestra che in accordatura da solista.

Archi Magazine, 2014



Gioachino Rossini Une larme for Double Bass and Piano
Editor, Fingering and bowing for Double Bass: Tobias Glöckler
Urtext Edition, paperbound
HN 571

$11.95 available

$11.95 available
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Editor, Fingering and bowing for Double Bass, Cadenzas: Tobias Glöckler
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$28.95 available
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$23.95 available
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